V847 Wah Combo Mods

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Send us your pedal and we'll install the mods you choose in it.
Choose your modifications from the drop-down menus. 

Create the ultimate wah!

Modification Descriptions:
True Bypass - Gets rid of that bad tone sucking bypass. A quality 3pdt is used to give it true bypass so you can maintain your tone.

Add LED - Add a 5mm LED to your pedal to tell when it's on or off. No more guessing or trying to figure out what's going on and then realizing your wah has been on the whole time! This mod goes well with the True Bypass mod since we replace the switch to true bypass it. Requires drilling a hole. Choose the color
of the LED. Black = No LED.

Output Buffer - Add an output buffer so your wah plays nice with other pedals. The buffer will be installed so that it's only active
when the pedal is on if you choose the true bypass mod also. This will mean the pedal will still be true bypass.

Volume Swell - With a push/kick of the switch your wah will turn into a volume swell pedal just like the Maestro Boomerang II.
This kit adds a small circuit board to your wah. Comes with a easy kick on/off switch. Requires drilling a hole for the switch.
Note: This may not turn your pedal into a volume pedal that mutes. Basically you have full volume with the toe of the pedal down and it removes volume as you lift the toe up. It depends on the position of the potentiometer in relation to the linear gear.

Q Control - Adds a potentiometer that varies the vocal content of the wah. Goes all the way from no vocal content to a lot of vocal content. More vocal content than the stock pedal. Requires drilling a hole. Knob may vary due to stock on hand.

Sweep Switch - A toggle switch to add more bass to the sweep of your wah so you don't loose the bottom end anymore. One position is stock and the other adds bass. Requires drilling a hole.

DC Jack - Add a DC jack so you can use a battery OR a wall power supply.

To send your pedal in for modification, print and fill out this Modification Form and send it in along with your pedal. All the information you need will be on the form.

These mods will work with:
Vox V847

Limited 5 year warranty


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V847 Wah Combo Mods

V847 Wah Combo Mods