Silent Step Switching Module


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Height 0.85" (21.59mm)
Width 0.987" (25.07mm)
Power Consumption Engaged: ~3mA, Bypassed: ~0.0009mA


Version 2.2 is released! Same great circuit but a few minor changes. It's even smaller! It now replaces our DPDT relay module. Not only can it be used for true bypass, you can now use ALL the pads of the relay like our DPDT module did.

The Griffin Effects Silent Step switching uses a microprocessor to activate a relay for true bypassing a pedal or replacing any latching DPDT, SPDT, or SPST switch. It uses a momentary switch to activate/deactivate. We recommend our super quiet "soft touch" momentary switch so there isn't any switch pop (mechanical or true bypass related) giving you studio-quiet operation. The LED is switched by the microprocessor which isolates it from the circuit so there isn't any pop caused by an LED or any special circuit needed to incorporate the LED.

The Silent Step is designed to easily convert mass market and hand-built effects to true bypass. It can also be used to improve reliability and performance for effects already employing true bypass via a 3pdt switch. Since it uses a momentary switch, the Silent Step is great for true bypassing Boss, Ibanez, etc. pedals using the stock bypass switch of the Ibanez or Boss pedal so there isn't any trying to fit big switches and you maintain the stock look.

The Silent Step can be used for other switching situations like making an A/B box, alternating between two effects with one step of the switch, and can be used in true bypass strips. One switch can also operate more than one Silent Step circuit board. Pretty much anywhere a DPDT or 3PDT can be used, Silent Step can be used. At less than 1" square (0.85x 0.987 inches (21.59x 25.0698 mm) it will fit just about anywhere and with a relay that is rated at 100 million switches, you may never have to replace the switch again!

Recommended switch: SPST "Soft Touch" Momentary Add To Cart

Don't forget an LED. It will power a 3mm or 5mm:

Some pedals may require installing the Silent Step in the battery compartment due to space issues.

Specific pedal installation instructions can be found in the Download section below. If there aren't instructions for the pedal you will need to use the General Instructions or contact us and we'll help you with the installation.





Got two of these to install in a couple of old DOD FX series pedals. Installation was straight forward. No issues there and the bypass function worked fine. However, when I connected to some other pedals i would get pops when hitting the switch. Had the problem with both installs but only when stacked with non-buffered pedals like my old Big Muff, but not when stacked with buffered pedals like Boss or DOD. I ended up removing the boards and putting the pedals back to stock.

A: Sound like you may have DC leaking from other pedals. You can contact us for help. See this:


Excellent upgrade to any old stomp box.

This will go nicely into my Pro Co Rat and my Wah pedal.

It would be a great option to add mounting standoff holes to this board.


Silent Step

Worked great and was really easy to install. I hate the click of 3pdt switches and this is exactly what I wanted. It's silent and I love the easy push of the switch.


I had no idea

This true bypass switching is the best. I'm going to put it in all my pedals. Well, maybe you guys will have to help me. :)

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Silent Step Switching Module

Silent Step Switching Module


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