Repair Service -

We can fix your pedals. Don't let good pedals go to waste by sitting there broken. Let's get them working again! Very affordable and fast turnaround times. Send your pedal in today!! Contact us for more information. Basic costs are $20 for the first hour of labor and $15/hr after that plus any parts and shipping. We have a very good success rate and will work with you if you are on a budget.

Repair Service Request Form: Online Form or Download PDF


Pedal Modification Service -

Already have a pedal you want modified? We can modify it for you either with one of our kits or we can do a custom modification for you.

Have a pedal that just needs some refinement and we don't have a kit for it? We can tailor the pedal to your needs. More bass, treble, or mids? The pedal doesn't have a tone control? We can add one.

We can rehouse pedals from plastic to metal enclosures or into bigger enclosures to add more controls. Custom paint and graphics are also available with the rehousing service.

Ready to make your pedal one-of-kind? Contact us

Pedal Modification Form - Download PDF

Custom Pedals -

Due to a crazy amount of increase in business we are currently not able to build custom pedals. 

Do you have an idea for a pedal?
Is a pedal no longer made that you want?
Is a "boutique" or "vintage" pedal too expensive or hard to find?
Contact Griffin Effects and see what we can do to make it for you. We can make just about any analog effect.

To see more custom pedals visit the GALLERY. Currently Offline


PCB Service -

Want to build a pedal but don't know how to make your own circuit board? We can do it for you.

Want a professional double-sided, circuit board with thru-plated holes? We can do that. Send us your layout or we can do a layout for you. We accept Cadsoft Eagle and Kicad files. A very affordable option for prototypes or production. Contact us for further details. If there is a circuit you want to build and just have a schematic, we can turn that into a ciruict board for you. 

Cost of each PCB will depend on the area and complexity of the circuit board.

Warranty Repair Services -

If you have a item under warranty that is in need of repair, fill out the form in the link below. The form has all the info you need to send the item in.
Please read all warranty information that pertains to your item(s) before submitting the form or sending your item(s) in for repair.

Warranty Repair Request Form