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Vintage Treble Booster PCB


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Height 0.99 (25.07mm)
Width 1.80 (45.72mm)


Circuit Board for the Griffin Effects Vintage Treble Booster project.

Based on the Vox Treble Booster this circuit increases the treble frequency of your guitar signal. We added a volume control to the circuit. If you don't want the volume control, you can put a jumper across pads 2 and 3 of the level control.

Adding super extra "glass shattering" treble, the Vintage Treble Booster accentuates the treble range of stringed instruments. A real boon to lead guitarists.

True bypass wiring can be found here: Griffin Effects Negative Ground True Bypass Wiring

Double Sided
Made in the U.S.A.

Layouts in instructions:

11/9/2013 - v2.0: Increased Pad Size for wires.  Moved Out pad to edge of board.

Create your own kit with the parts you need. More parts added soon!

Item Quantity            Item Quantity
100K Resistor 1 Buy It Now 500K-A PCB Mount 1 Buy It Now
2K2 Resistor 2 Buy It Now 2N3904 Transistor 1 Buy It Now
22K Resistor 1 Buy It Now 3mm LED 1 Buy It Now
1K Resistor 1 Buy It Now Battery Snap 1 Buy It Now
2K4 Resistor* 1 Buy It Now DC jack 1 Buy It Now
500pF* 1 Buy It Now Mono Jack 1
.001µF* 1 Buy It Now Stereo Jack 1
0.47µF 1 Drilled 1590B Enclosure 1

*Optional parts or value may vary. See instructions.

Bypass Options:
There are 3 types of bypasses we offer. You don't need all 3. Just choose one.

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Silent Step 1 Buy It Now
Zombie Switch 1 Buy It Now
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Great Project

I just started soldering and this was a very easy project. Instructions were really easy to follow and it worked right when I plugged it in. Sounds great too. Very happy and can't wait to try another project.

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Vintage Treble Booster PCB

Vintage Treble Booster PCB