• Silent Step Bypass

    Silent Step True Bypass

    Quiet and reliable switching that can be installed in just about any pedal.
    Replace that 3PDT or FET switching to get the pop-free Silent Step True Bypass

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  • New and Used Pedals

    New and Used Modified Pedals

    We have 100's of mods for 100's of pedals. Get them installed in a new, used or your pedal

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  • BYO Projects


    Build your own effects pedals. Buy circuit boards for our ever-growing list of projects or make your own boards using our layouts.

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Welcome to Griffin Effects

Guitar Pedal Modification - We have a huge selection of guitar pedal mods and more are being added all the time.

Guitar Pedal Repair - Affordable and reliable. We don't have flat rates so there is no overcharging.

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Professional installation on your pedal or a new pedal. Custom mods available too!

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BYO Projects

Build your own pedals with our ever growing list of great projects


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Guitar Pedals

Griffin Pedals are made in the USA using high quality parts and a unique-ness in design.

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Product Spotlight:

Diapason Project PCB - Boss Spectrum SP-1 CloneThe SP-1 is a parametric equalizer with one frequency band only.
Today it is one of the most sought after collectors items and a mint condition SP-1 doesn't come cheap so build your own for a fraction of the price

Get yourself a PCB now!

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